Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Go Little Girl, Go!

Carrie and I have spent some quality time together for the past two days. Now, go home little girl. I need a rest break.

I had to call her brother to pick her up and take her home. I tried to get her to want to go home earlier. She wasn't having any of that. "I just want to ride my car for a while Nana" and later, "I want to ride my bike" and still later, "I want to watch this movie". The afternoon moved into the evening hours and Carrie was still here so I sneaked to my cell phone and called her mother. Had she stayed much later, it would have meant that I would be the one bathing her. Bathing Carrie is an effortless task. She never complains about it being bath time. I can even wash that thick head of hair without any problems. 

The problem comes with brushing it out after it has been washed. I have a special brush that I alternate with the pic  I use on it. Still she will cry out and try to get away from me. It's almost bath time and Carrie must go.

 Arrangements were made for Ted to drive over and collect her.

"Carrie, your brother is coming to pick you up so let's get your stuff picked up."

"Nana, why do you have to always clean?"

"Carrie, being neat is a good thing."

"But Nana, my room isn't neat."

"Yeah, well, I wouldn't be spreadin' the word to everyone. It's nothin' to brag about little girl. It's for your own good to be neat. You will function better in life if you are organized!" and I wondered at how many times I was told this same thing as a child.....

and at this I heard Ted arriving in his truck and Carrie was whisked away to spend the night in her not neat room.
Apparently clutter doesn't affect a 5yr old little girl as it does me. She helps but she grumbles about it.

Today I'm in a hurry. You would never believe that to know it's almost noon and I just got bathed.

One sofa cushion will be taken back to the upholstery man to see if slicing 3 inches off it and adding back a softer 3 inches to it will make it more comfortable. I'm going to do a trial one. I'll look at the trial one after it's done to determine if it is acceptable.

If not for sofa cushions, my life would be perfect.

Ok...that's a lie but it would help.
I'm done!

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