Thursday, April 21, 2011

And She Said

"Where's your mom?" I said as I walked into her room. She lay curled up on her bed, the television tuned to her favorite channel, Noggin. She rolled over and looked at me through half open sleep swollen eyes and said, "She's in her room and she had to have a butt pill."

Oh yeah...ok and do I need to know more? With a light step, I moved down the hall, through the living room and down the short hallway to her bedroom. Tapping lightly on the door, I shoved it open to find her laying in her bed. I asked softly "How ya feelin today?" and the weak smile she gave answered wordlessly that it wasn't a good day so far.

I climbed upon the king size bed and waited for any further revelations. Finally unable to stand it any longer, I ventured to ask "What's a butt pill?"

She grinned. The first sign of good humor I noted today and said..."Mom, what does one use for hemmorids?"

A light flashed and burned brightly and I could understand Carrie's description now. Kids say the darnest things don't they?


  1. I knew it.... yes indeed i needed a butt pill ... I fell like everyone knows me inside and out


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