Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tired Puppy Here

Off and running and we were. We grabbed a piece of fruit and hit the road this morning. I had to make a stop by the foam place to pick up the new foam and the cushions and then drive to the opposite side of town to drop them off at the upholstery shop. Vernon the upholstery man said he thought he could have them done this afternoon but I didn't hear from him and I was too busy anyway to go pick them up had he called.

Today is Janis's last day here so we went Road dayin....
From here to New Iberia and to Jefferson Island where we walked around the grounds of the actor and artist that owned this place called Rip Van Winkle.  The owner of this place had been a horticulturist. Plants were bought in from all over the world and planted and cared for by his servants. The servants quarter building stood close to the main house. Grottos, statues and fountains were tucked away around the property among the tall bamboo plants. The sound of peacocks screaming could be heard as you walked the paths down to the lake.

We stood on the pier and watched as turtles climbed up on a piece of log protruding out of the lake. On the opposite side stood a chimney stack made from bricks. The story goes that a oil rig was drilling in this lake and drilled into a salt mine. The sudden suction of the water into this salt mine sucked the houses from the shore and into the lake. Lifes were lost along with property that day.

We had a garden salad and shared a club sandwich for lunch which we enjoyed from our table with the lake view.

Our next stop was the Tabasco factory. A short tour of the facilities and a stop at the guest shop and we were on our way to Delcambre. Shrimp boats were lined up along the shore and the smell of fresh paint was in the air. As always, some of these boats were docked for repairs.

I'm tired. My eyes are drooping and my brain is wandering. It's time I climbed into my bed and give my mind and body a break.

I'll be back tomorrow. Leave the light on.

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