Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Almost a Night Alone

No sofa cushions and I'm getting used to the look of my sofa the way it is with the lovely brown fuzzy blanket wrapped around the old spare cushions that were hid in the shed.

In my wanderings around today, I finished off the chores started days ago. I mailed the printer ink to my sister and stopped by the hospital to pay a bill and since I was in the neighborhood of the wine store I stopped in. I like to browse the bottles of wine and note from which country they came. Germany, France, Australia, Spain and Chili along with the fine wines from our own vineyards here in the USA, I sample them all. Not at one time of course, but I try one from a different country each time I go.

Tonight it's a Merlot from Napa Valley. Along with the Merlot, I picked up a bottle of Chardonnay. Both of these vineyards I have never tried before. I'm sipping on a glass of the Merlot and as a red goes, I prefer the Merlot over the Cabs. A bit less dry, the Merlot is kinder to my taste buds.

The phone rang and my whole night changed. Ted called and requested help with writing a paper for school and within minutes he arrived here. I was only one glass of wine from a nap but  I proof read and then moved to the office to type his paper for him. He sat beside me and suggested changes in wording and structure. I was impressed by his interest in getting it right and not just getting it done. Times be a changin for him! I remember a time not long ago when getting anything down on paper was good enough.

A kiss and a hug and my big guy was on his way home to finish citing his work. He will be using this knowledge learned with this paper many times before he obtains a college education.

I poured another glass of wine and settled down in front of the television. It's nice and quiet and for now that's a good thing. 

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