Friday, April 15, 2011

Cars, Breakfasts, Sofas and Blooms

Smart Car Kits. From a Smart Car to a 'Vette?   I was hangin with Ted this morning and he gifted me with this link that he thought I would enjoy. Ted will hang with his Nana if I dangle a Burger King breakfast in front of him. This was a tradition since he was a small child. Once a week and usually on a Friday, I would pick Ted up at his house and we would make our trip for the double sausage crossiantwich. Usually we sat at the bus stop while he had his breakfast and then I would drive on to my job. The timing was perfect for me to stay with him until the bus came and I was never late to work.

Today we came back to the house and I drove him to school. I have more time to do that now that I'm happily unemployed!

My morning has been spent outside watering the day lilies and the roses. I spotted a gardenia that has bloomed so I'm soaking those plants with water. It takes a lot of water to keep those gardenias spouting their fragrant blooms.

Alert, alert. Unless you saw the sofa report on the crawl tape running along the bottom of the CNN channel, let this serve as an update. The cushions are softer but they will never compare to the down ones that came with the sofa. I may go look for a soft cheap sofa that will complement this one in color and style and do some furniture rearranging in the event that the husband is still unhappy with the seating on this one.

I'm off to get showered and dressed and to the furniture mart. Pictures to follow...maybe!

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