Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Downtown Alive/Friday

The surface was smeared with dust dried into the water that had evaporated and left a rough pattern. I poured some liquid detergent onto a soft wet cloth and after spraying the surface with water, I used the soap soaked cloth to wipe off the surface of the car. It takes but a few minutes to do this and another few minutes to dry it. I moved it to the driveway and into the sun so the rag top could dry. I would soon fold that top down into the trunk and I don't like to pack it away wet.

The daughter was waiting on me. We cruised over to Ted's school to drop off some paperwork and then we headed out to search for flowers. 

I found only one of the Knock Out roses I wanted. An afternoon spent planting that rose and another one that was a climbing rose and I was headed for nap.

The evening was spent at Down 'Town Alive. I remember well the long haired musician sitting at the piano pounding out a tune and singing words written by his band. Grey Allman's long blond hair was one of his trademarks along with his blues bruised band. Now 30 years later and one of his sons takes the stage and continues down the path his father before him traveled. The last time I saw Greg Allman was at a Jazz Festival in New Orleans years ago. It was surreal seeing his son last night take the stage and wail on his guitar and belt out a blues tune.

The crowd was admitted without charge. Beer and food was where the payment would be collected for the talent that entertained the crowd.  The crowd was a diversified mix of young adults, adults, and children. Blankets were casually strewn around on the grass, canvas fold up chairs were sprinkled through the park along with baby strollers, their small inhabitants catching an afternoon nap. Swaying to the music, some were clapping their hands while some were partnered up and dancing.

I sat beneath an old oak tree and occasionally would scan the crowd with my camera. A few stills were shot and the remainder of the memory stick was filled with  a video of Devon Alman rocking the stage.

That was my Friday, both the day and the evening. Before I publish this, I'll post some of the pictures. You might not see this blog for days after it was written. I'm waiting on the time where I load the pictures and maybe even the video from last night.

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