Monday, April 4, 2011

Prepared for a Storm That Missed Us

Again with the sinus headache. I should have taken the medicine as soon as I had that first cup of coffee. Nothing like a little pain to remind one of what they should have done..

I'm at loose ends today. The wind is whipping the trees around and stripping some of the new leaves off to pepper the lawn's freshly manicured surface. I'm waiting for the rest of this storm to reach here.

The daughter just phoned and invited me to lunch and a movie. Carrie has left nurmerous messages on my answering machine requesting to visit. Eventually I will make my way to visit and return home with Carrie. While at the daughter's house we went to the You Tube site and typed in different searches. Eventually we hit upon videos done by Marines and found them very entertaining. These young soldiers were dancing to a line dance song.  soldiers at work! You can always find something to laugh about on You Tube.

Carrie followed me home. She was adamant about spending the night and I didn't argue with her. I threatened to tie her to her side of the bed if I caught her encroaching on my territory. She looks at me innoncently as though she doesn't understand these threats.

Pizza was on the menu. A pre made one that was dressed up with more meats. Before the pizza could be put in the oven, the husband had some work to do.
the touch pad went out a few days ago. For a mere
230.00 a new one was purchased and here he is tonight installing it. The oven temperature gauge was operated by this touch pad. The highest the temperature could be set on the faulty pad was 350 degrees. This did not bother me. I could have lived with it but then I seldom use any part of this piece of kitchen equipment. The husband likes to cook and it bothered him that the oven held a restriction over his head.

The storm that was forecast never materialized. The winds made it here but he rain and lighting must have made a high curve over this part of the state and then dipped back down to thrash the states east of us on the coast and north to Tennessee and Kentucky. I've watched the destruction on these states on the weather channel tonight.

I'm ready to find my pajamas and call it a day. The temperatures have dropped to a chill that demands warm pj's. It will be a good night to be beneath a heavy quilt and that's exactly where I am headed right now.
I'm done!

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