Saturday, April 9, 2011

Capitalization, Punctuation and Paragraphs

Your writing is as personal as your underwear or your tooth brush or your bar of soap. Yeah..your bar of soap goes places you wouldn't want some body's  bar of soap to go. Right? I always offer guests their own bar of soap if it's an overnight visit!

 Your writing defines and describes you as well as your style in clothing or the way you wear your hair.

I read many blogs a day when I have the time and the opportunity. The writer becomes a friend, one that I haven't met personally but one that I recognize from their personal style of writing.

Some writers are casual. They write as though they are sitting across from you and are immersed in a conversation that only you and they can hear. It's a cozy form of writing. A "just you and me" style and one of my favorites to read.

Some writers take the more clinical style while some write as they speak, slang and all.  I enjoy the differences. It's what makes reading different writers a joy to me.

I have my favorite book authors and I can predict their style before I ever get involved in their new published work. It's why I keep returning to read them. My taste in writing is very eclectic. I seldom shun a read though one bit of writing that I have never been able to get turned on to is plays.

I've never enjoyed sitting down and reading a play. A play, to me, should be viewed not read unless of course you are in the play and learning the part.

During my school years of higher learning, I watched as the professor would learn each students style of writing and then watch as she called a student forward and challenged them on what they had offered up to her as their own writing.

It was obvious to this instructor that the writing skills of this student has suddenly improved and improved to such a great degree that she was questioning his being the author.

She observed his sentence structure, his sudden improvement in grammar, words he normally never used during the semester and the over all look of the paper he was submitting.

Once challenged, his story quickly was dispelled as fiction. His punishment was swift and appropriate. An English professor detests plagiarism and falsifying a work of writing.
This is that professors strict training and the subject they teach won't allow for their high values in what they are teaching to be taken so lightly. The student was not only failed but removed from that class.

Lesson learned and displayed for all the other students to observe. Sometimes a bit of fear is beneficial to establishing the importance of what is being taught.

I find it a sad thing that anyone would try to pass off another's words as their own. I don't profess to be a writer but I do enjoy putting words to my blog for my own enjoyment and as a small record of my daily life. It's mine. All mine. I own it and I own up to it. Should it not pass your inspection of what nor how it is done, it's still mine and that's why I keep adding to it.

Your style of writing defines you. She made that clear that day and it is something I have never forgotten. I not only look at what is being said..but HOW it's being said! 

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