Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday Posting Late


More sofa cushion action today and another plan is set. I'm willing to try one more time to get this sofa problem fixed. I could keep applying the Michelin treatment to them but I'll move on to Plan B. I'll take them to the foam distributor here and have 3 inches sliced off the height of them and then replace that with softer foam. Reports to follow. Everyone wants to hear the end of this story, right?

From the meeting with the  upholstery man, I drove to the Olive Garden restaurant. Carrie, April and a few friends were waiting for me there. Lunch was a long drawn out afternoon of soups and salads. Much laughter was shared with family and good friends. Carrie calls these "chick days" and she looks forward to them. Usually chick days are filled with pampering with pedicures, manicures, movies and lunches. What's not to like about chick days?

It was a day of no kitchen activity. Dinner was another trip for Chinese food. 

The end of this day found me outside rolling the Mercury over a sofa cushion. One last effort to soften them before I go to Plan B. The sad part of this was that my neighbor looked over to where I was putting the cushion beneath the Michelin and just said "Hey...ya doin' ok today?"  Seeing me roll over sofa cushions has now become just a normal activity in my driveway, so much so that the neighbors don't even comment on it.

I'm going to be known as that eccentric old lady that lives in the yellow house on Cane Drive. Every town has one. You know one in your neighborhood don't you?
I'm on alert for the local news channel showing up to film me while driving over the sofa cushions.

I'll contact you if I need bail money.
I'm done.



  1. I'm waiting with bated breath to see if plan B works for your sofa cushions..I will say this you are persistent..and would die if to mobile TV van pulled up to your door...but wouldn't it be great see ya on the 6pm news..LOL

  2. jbbj: NO...I don't crave to be known as the crazy lady on Cane a news van pull up, I will be diving for cover! Plan B..yeah....keeping my fingers crossed to end this sofa saga.


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