Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Run Carrie RUN!

Small sheets of dust were blown up by the brisk wind about today and she ducked her head down shielding her face as she stood in the outfield. Her black t shirt and white shorts were the uniforms they wore while waiting on the ones on order. Her long thick honey colored hair was pulled up high onto the crown of her head into a pony tail that bounced and swayed when she tossed her head.

This was Carrie's first day on the ball field. She waited in the dug out until the coach called her to step up to the T Ball at home plate. An ugly black helment on her head, face flushed pink, she stode up to home plate.

He positioned her beside the ball and with her mini bat,  she swung and connected and then stood and looked at her coach. "Run Carrie, Run". She looked to the bleachers when she heard her name while the seconds ticked by. Her coach leaned down to tell her to run for the base, pointing her in the right direction. I laughed, knowing she couldn't hear me. She trotted to first base and the coach there was ready with more instructions.

Soon her team was in the field while the other side was up to bat. Carrie stood in the outfield, arms windmilling while her body twisted to the right and then left. She was dancing to some tune in her head, kicking dust and oblivious to everything connected to baseball. Her coach moved to her side to give her instructions; she had him repeat three times to make sure she understood what he wanted. She was convinced he was there as her friend. She patted him on the leg, smiled and wanted to chat.

The next outfield experience has Carrie waving and blowing kisses. That's my girl...always a parade for Carrie. She is either fitted for being a politician or an actress. 

From the stands, her brother, sister, mother and me watched her antics. Never again will she be this innocent on the field. With each visit she will learn and a certain amount of seriousness will be infused as the meetings progress. Right now I'm going to enjoy watching her in all the newness she is experiencing and in her innocent reactions to this new environment.

Her shoes, bat and glove are on the floor by the door. Today we will head for the backyard to do some batting practice. I have to remember to make this fun. Hit or miss, we will remember to laugh. After all, it's called a "game" for a reason!


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