Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ball Improvement

Ah. I'm not one for excuses but here goes anyway. It's about Carrie and her ball games. I watch the other little guys out there and they seem to be not as lost as Carrie about what is going on. They watch the ball, run the bases and play the out field. Carrie is lost. Two weeks of practice these youngsters have had before the games started.

There was a mix up in the contact information so Carrie's mom missed that communicate and Carrie missed two weeks of practice.

Today we headed for the grass field beside her house. Bricks were placed in the grass in a diamond pattern and the game was on. Ted stayed at home plate beside Carrie while she swung at the tennis ball on the tee. I was on first and April was on second and when Carrie sent the ball sailing, I took off. April moved to third while I took her place at second and miracle of miracles, Carrie dropped the bat and headed for first base.

Ted recovered the bright lime green ball and placed it on the tee. With her left foot on first base and her right leg extended towards second, Carrie had her eye on the ball. Ted swung and Carrie was off! She didn't have to be told. She is improving. I didn't have to scream "RUN CARRIE, RUN".

We played a few more times with each of us rounding the bases and then it was time to move Carrie to the outfield. Directly behind April who was on second base, Carrie raced for the balls that Ted was hitting from home plate. Picking up the ball she turned to run back, swinging her arm in a full arc she lobed the ball to me on first base. Yes! She's got it and she was actually laughing while she played.

Carrie's gonna kick ass and take names tomorrow. That's what we told her anyway. She still doesn't understand that phrase. That too will come in time.

The Ambien is kicking in and I'm just going to slide down off these pillows stacked against the headboard as soon as I slap down the lid on this laptop.....


  1. Ah...she's got it! Good for her. The enjoyment only really comes from understanding the game doesn't it?

  2. Ayak: you should have see the big smile on her face!


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