Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mysteries To Me

Where are you?  Who are you? I've always wondered who visits this site and why.

When hands and fingers skip across the keyboard, and words fall upon this page they still remain only mine until I press the "publish" icon. From that moment these words sail out upon the web, that mysterious area that in my mind is pictured as those pictures you see of the galaxy in a night sky. A huge space of blackness with glittering points of lights that we are told are stars many light years away.

Do these words clutter up that universe?  As unimportant as my posts are, do they find their places in the galaxy of posts floating out there on the world wide web?  How much space are they using that could be used by someone with more important messages to impart to others? Will there someday be restrictions placed on what is dumped onto the web? Is it possible to run out of web space?

I imagine sheets of print helter skelter floating around in darkness, bumping into each other and skittering off into a different direction until some one types in a search word that causes them to be pulled into their screen for reading. I'm sure it's more organized then that but like the television sets we have in our homes, I am unable to envision how words and pictures flow through lines and into a screen that  projects people, places and things for viewing.

Have you thought about someone asking you how that television functions? A Martian stops by to visit. He sips his tea and gazes at the television set and turns to you to ask "How does that box bring people into your house?"
And what would you answer? As your new friend looks around at the lamps that are burning on the table beside your sofa, he asks "How is it that you can flip a switch and have daylight?" "That transport vehicle there, what makes it move forward and backward?" Telephones that have progressed from land lines to cell? Oh sure, I've read about satelites and cells but could I explain this to my Martian friend?

Mysteries to me and to most of us, the things we use daily and take for granted would be difficult to explain. I recognize my limitations.

Who goes there? Kathy, and John, Ellen and Che?  There are trackers that show your visits, that show the copying and pasting done. Do you save these copies some where to reread at a later date? Do you share them with others?  More mysteries to contemplate, more questions unanswered.

I try not to dwell on how much I do not know nor understand. We are a specialized society now that depends on those specialties to keep our lives functioning in a somewhat normal mode. Scary huh?

My brain hurts. It must be the overload on the unknown. It's surely not from the "known".


  1. The '60s and '70s were great decades, weren't they. Of course if they were really good you wouldn't remember them.

  2. yes was just a simpler time. WE had no idea did we that all our advancement, all the tech stuff would prove to make us more dependant instead of freeing us.

  3. was the 70's that became some what of a llur to me though I do remember having a good time...just not clear memories..LOLOL..


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