Friday, April 15, 2011

A Quickie

I'm sitting here in CC's Coffee House surrounded by the usual crowd of students and non students, all gazing into their laptops. I have a cup of medium roast coffee sitting at my elbow. The view through the window is of the heavily trafficked Bertrand Drive. Trees lining the road are bending with the wind while the sky overhead is busily moving dark clouds across my view. Occasionally a clear patch of bright blue shows up and I have hopes that the sun might make an appearance.

I stopped at a furniture store on my way here and browsed. I sat and sat and flipped cushions over, felt the bottom of those sofas, matched the color to the fabric I carried with me and found a sofa that would be suitable:
I was looking for a plain fabric and a solid material as this sofa will complete an "L" shape layout in the living room. I intend on keeping my old sofa..the one with the cushion problem. The only reason I'm adding a sofa to that room is to accommodate the husband. He won't be happy with the cushions that are on the old one yet. They still aren't as soft as the original ones. I'll move the old sofa to the other side of the room and put this one facing directly to the big screen TV so that he will have some SOFT seating.

If I make the decision to purchase the sofa pictured, I might have to wait until tomorrow to bring it home. We are having light sprinkles..sporadic rain fall and it doesn't look as though the weather will improve much today.

The husband had a tornado touch down about 100 miles from where his rig is standing in Oklahoma. He was told that should one get close he would be awakened to go into the underground shelter. He's hoping they remember him should one hit during the night.

The rig is lost in the hole so he is standing by while they find themselves. More days away from home, he will not be returning at the end of a week as planned.

I'm packing up this laptop and heading for the house. I have the roadster in the parking lot with the top down and it's already been rained in once this morning...slight though it was, I don't want to have the interior washed again.

Maybe I'll find a movie to attend this afternoon. A rainy day movie might just be the ticket!

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