Friday, April 22, 2011


Carrie is brightening someone else's day today and that's how I like to think of it when she is gone from me. She is causing someone else to smile and that's a good thing.

I had plans to go to the theatre this afternoon but there just wasn't anything playing that sounded appealing. Usually a buzz goes around when a good movie is playing and based upon those reviews from friends, I will make my way to a seat in a darkened theatre and watch the film.

Instead of the theatre, I attempted to use my Wii and Netflix to watch a movie. I tried for about 45 minutes to get the Wii tuned to Netflix and finally gave that up and signed on to Netflix using my laptop and watched " Eat, Pray, Love" that came out last year. Julia Roberts movie and though it was "ok", it was not a movie that I will remember for a long time.

 After the movie, I turned my attention back to the Wii. Having an electronics devise defeat me is intolerable unless it's a DVD/VCR player. Those I never get to cooperate.
I eventually found that the Wii needed an update. I've had it for a while and only use it for the games Carrie plays on it. I don't realize all the potentials of this gaming system. It just never occurs to me to use it to get on the web. The possibilities it offers are varied and numerous.

Eventually I was able to insert the code and tune in to Netflix and browse some of the movies that could be ordered or watched instantly. Though I didn't select anything, I have it ready to view a movie on the big screen of the projection TV that sits in this living room.

I barely made it through the one movie I did watch. I kept drifting off to sleep and having to rewind for the parts missed and that's where I am right now...ready to go to sleep.

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