Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sleep Deprived, Summer Plans

Another fine Saturday. I stepped out of this house at 0330 hrs this morning expecting it to be chilly. It wasn't which clued me into the warm day ahead. If it's that nice that early in the morning, then by noon it will be almost hot.

You might wonder about me being up so early? Carrie spent the night. Have you read any of my other posts about sleeping with Carrie? It's a marathon event. She exhausts you with play before she will settle down to sleep. Her eyes are mere slits when I finally tell her it's time to put the dolls to bed, turn off the TV and the lights. She is asleep before the light bulb cools off.

In the triathlon of rest, she now positions herself in the middle of the bed from which point she will gradually gravitate to where my body has claimed a small portion of the mattress. 

Some time during the night she goes from a vertical lying position to a horizontal lie and her leg she extends to place itself across my throat. The safest thing to do is to roll to my side away from her. Protecting myself from the possibility of a broken nose or loosened teeth from her flailing around, I sleep on my side with her feet pushing into my back. Sometimes I get up and pad around to the other side of the bed where I reach and pull her to her side of the bed.
Sometimes I can get back to sleep and sometimes this wakes me and  more sleep is impossible. That was last night.

I gave up and moved to the sofa. She joined me within the hour and went right to sleep. Thankfully she won't be here all day. Carrie and Mama are going to a crawfish boil in Lake Charles. I'll have the whole day to get more sleep should I need to.

I'm making vacation plans. Loosely planned, to be firmed up soon, I've talked to my sister in North Carolina and to our Aunt in Rhode Island. My plan is to travel to N.C. and collect my sister and then head to R.I. to visit our Aunt. We haven't seen her in years.

This is a fun loving and young at heart sister of my mother. She is on Facebook, loves to travel and is a snappy dresser. I can't wait to see her.

Sis and I plan on driving up the coast as far as possible in the roadster with the rag top in the trunk. We want to wait until the weather gets a bit warmer before we make this trip which might be some time in June. I have warned my sister that packing will be light. I'm talking about a couple changes of clothes and a pair of shoes that will be on our feet. A laptop and our cell phones should cover our needs.

Packing and unpacking will be quick.

I'm outta here. I can see Carrie is stirring and soon the demands will start. I'm ready.  

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