Friday, April 8, 2011


Flowers are filling the roadside stands and the vendors are busy selling their spring colors. Yes, we are planting.

I filled the urns across the front of the house with purple flowers. A bright pink Knock Out rose was planted in the mail box garden. Soon the winter flowers will be wilting in the heat and that Knock Out rose is a shrubbery rose. It will, hopefully, grow and bush out to fill the spot left by the dying snap dragons and pansies. Today I'll make another flower run. I need at least two more of the rose bushes to complete the mailbox garden.

Carrie was here for a little while yesterday. I picked her up so she could help with the planting of the urns. She has her own little gardening pouch and tools. The pouch is a bright orange and came with seed packets and little containers to plant. When she returns from her daddy visit on Sunday, we will have another planting.

I confronted her yesterday. Apparently when she was  on the patio and riding her hot pink Barbie Car, she mowed down a huge pot that held flowers that were blooming. I noticed when I walked out on the patio yesterday that those flowers had been transplanted to a different pot and just assumed the husband had moved them. 

While she was hanging out with us yesterday, the husband mentioned the flower pot that was broken and Carrie immediately starting giving him 'the eye'. 

She was worried about the reaction she could foresee coming  and was trying to head off the approaching storm.

Later the husband shared her reactions to the flower pot fiasco. When she drove into it with her car and it shattered, the flowers and dirt spread across the concrete along with shards of pottery. She was scared. She had been warned about riding her car too close to the flower pots.

Poppy offered her some options on what they would tell me. 

 They discussed running away from home. He offered to help her pack.  She told him she couldn't do that. She wanted to see her Dad this weekend. She wanted to blame it on Denahi and Kenai but since she had already confessed in the past that they were imaginary, she didn't think that would pass the lie test. After batting about a few more options, they decided they would just wait to see if I noticed. Denial. Sometimes ignoring a problem and waiting to see if it flies  beneath the radar is your only option.

She dropped her head to her chest and peaked out beneath her lashes to gauge my reaction. I asked her to be more careful of property belonging to others. We could see the relief on her face. I casually mentioned something about lies and truth telling. Carrie gets subtle warning. She still believes her nose will grow if she lies. We've watched that movie a few times.

I'm off to do some flower shopping and planting. The temperatures are soaring and I hate sweating.  



  1. I love this one...especially with Poppy helping her with options...the running away option was so not going to happen..LOL My hubby,told me about his one time of running away from home...packed his little radio flyer with a case of sugar pops and a blanket...he does not remember why he was running away..but when his sister caught up with him and told him "Mama's baking a chocolate cake for dinner"..he decided he'd wait til later to run away...LOL

  2. lol jbbj...daughter said we were teaching Carrie to lie. Now why did I EVER ask my daughter if she read my blogs? Now she does and I stay in trouble with her!

  3. April threatened to run away from home also. I remember it clearly. I told her her children would starve if she wasn't around to feed them. ROFL!..said because...she reads this!


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