Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Google Reader and ASS U ME

I have to chuckle sometimes at people. The really funny ones are those that hold themselves above their peers based on their intellect. They have so convinced themselves of how more intelligent they are then the flock in which they travel and I wonder if that's why they travel in that flock. I posted and the only part of that post they read was the first paragraph in their Google Reader..and the assumptions ran rampart. Had they bothered to read the entire post, but then that would be expecting too much of these highly intelligent individuals, they would have seen a post about a lesson being taught to a child. 

Suffice it to say, when you "assume", it will  make an out of you and me.)..

I'm done!


  1. Well that was interesting. I commented on your previous post and it hasn't appeared so now I'm wondering if you meant me. But then again I'm sure it can't be as I read the whole post, formed my own opinion based on the whole post, and also don't consider myself to be highly intelligent! xxx

  2. No Ayak...not you my dear. I am monitering the comments and I have to "OK" them to be published. Not to worry.....if you check will see yours was published!


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