Saturday, August 1, 2009


Sitting with legs flat on the floor after the weights. I will do this again this evening to stretch the quads.

Adding the two pound weights to the knee.

Now adding a pillow over the two pound weights then adding a 10 lb weight.


  1. Charlotte Ann-your r knee looks just like mine except mine is a little "puffier" on the outside. It hurts like a big dog and getting up and down really bites. What are you doing for the pain (besides the usual stuff? Any ideas for me. Thanks for your time. Gail

  2. Gail,
    If you get back here to read this reply, I don't really have much pain related to the knee. I do have a little but not much. Right where the knee hinges, I feel some discomfort sometimes after I do my stretches then attempt to walk. I'm waiting on that 1 yr mark to arrive. They say it will get better !

  3. I wish you only the best. My tkr was done in Nov of 05. Hopefully you'll continue to improve. I'm considering redoing mine (I'm waiting to see how my sis-n-law does with hers in Oct). I'm miserable-have seen 7 different ortoped surgeons-did the therapy, etc. Maybe the redo will help. Hang in there and great luck!!

  4. Anonymous was me (Gail)


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