Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gator Nightmares

He just looks evil doesn't he? We drove through the swamp again today and our buddy was still hanging out close to the road. He is in the same place we saw him yesterday. I sometimes travel this road late at night. It's a gravel road with the swamp on one side and a deep ditch on the other with an occasional hunting cabin set far back off the road. When driving through here at night my imagination runs wild on me. I have images of my car breaking down and the only way out is to get out of the car and walk. Would I walk? I don't think so. The thought of a big gator lying in wait beside the road or crawling right down the center of the road and unable to be seen by anyone walking down that road gives me shivers and justifies my decision to not get out. I would just have to wait until a serial killer or someone a bit more on the emphatic side happened by. Cell phone you say? I didn't mention that cell phone reception by the swamp is nonexistent? Well, there you have it. No phone and a car that won't run, no street lights and gators crawling through the night down the middle of the road; what's a girl to do? Scream intermittently and huddle inside the car that won't run. Yep, that's my cowardly means of survival.
We slowed down and took the above pictures and then continued on our drive to Peg's and her pool. By the time we got there Carrie had convinced herself there were alligators in Peg's pool. She pointed out some dark objects in the bottom of the pool and Peg had to explain to her that it was just dirt stuff that needed to be vacuumed out. We got in the pool to show her that we weren't attacked; we still had our arms and legs.
The water was cold. I didn't expect it. The temps have been dropping down into the '60's this past week; the pool cools down too. Pool season may not last through September this year. This is the coolest August we've had here or at least the coolest I can remember. It's usually unbearably hot and doesn't change much when the sun sets. Right now we can have coffee on the patio in the morning and enjoy the 71 degree temps. Now that's unusual; enjoyable but unusual.
We left the pool at 2PM and made a McDonald's' stop for Carrie and then headed home. She was collected by her mother shortly after we got back and now I have the house all to myself. A nap is in order. I know it's late and almost too late for a nap but I'm here by myself so I can do that if I want and I think I want!
Night now.


  1. Yikes! I'm totally on board with your emergency plan to cower in the car till a nice empathetic(LMAO) serial killer comes a long.

    We're cooling down early this year too, but I think we're in for a long Indian Summer : )

  2. Powdergirl: The swamp is beautiful AND dangerous. I like it from a distance. No swamp boating for me!


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