Saturday, August 29, 2009

District nein!

Friday was a day without another human being in this house but moi. Ah, a me day. A day to do exactly what I wanted to do so I quickly dressed and headed out to do a little shopping. I intended to get some errands done and then go to a movie.

I think I've mentioned before I'm not a movie person. I seldom go because I seldom think about going to a movie when I have time on my hands. Yesterday was a rainy Friday. A good day to sit in a theatre and that's what I decided to do.

I went to see District 9. I thought it would be sorta like seeing Independence Day or Men in Black or even the old movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". I enjoyed these movies; District 9 was not a movie to be likened to these movies.

I sat through an hour of it and then packed up, picked up and headed for my car. I debated sitting through more of it and maybe I should have but if the first hour of a movie was leaving me wishing I hadn't attended, then I figure it was time for me to leave. I came home and Googled some reviews on it. I knew it was rated highly among the critics which was initially why I chose that movie to see. The reviews I googled after the one hour viewing I had just went through talked about the message of the movie. Maybe I should have stayed. I feel that if there was a message, the film should have made the first hour of viewing more entertaining. I left. I'll catch the last part of it when it comes out on DVD. I'll do that just to satisfy myself that I didn't miss much by leaving.

I've struck out twice on movies this month. The one Carrie and I sat through left both of us bored to tears. I may have over done my movie viewing for the entire year.

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  1. I don't go to movies much, I have trouble sitting that long and I find I can't focus on the plot when my feet just want to kick loose.

    But if I do make the attempt, tend to go for the ones that were panned by the critics, I never seem to agree with the reviews at all.

    Nice to get some me-time sometimes though, hey?


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