Monday, August 17, 2009


I stepped outside this morning with intentions of watering the flowers and getting right back inside. I did just that but when I returned to the inside of the house after spending only 20 minutes outside, my hair was dripping with sweat and my clothes were the same. E's nasty here. Hot and humid and just awful.

Carrie and I were going to spend the day at the pool but it is being shocked so our plans have changed. We are going to see a movie in about an hour and spend some time in a dark theatre; a dark cool theatre.

Carrie is putting on her makeup right now. I couldn't talk her out of it although I did try. I'm wondering if I dare take her out in public when she is finished. To Carrie's way of thinking "more" is much better when she is doing her makeup. She hasn't developed all her fine motor skills yet so that eye shadow brush sometimes becomes unmanageable and skitters away from her eyelids and real close to her ears. You can imagine what her lipstick looks like!
Anyway, I'll see if she will let me touch it up a bit for her before we leave. If
she wants to wear it "as is" then that's what it will be.
(She just came in here to show off her makeup and will wonders never cease? It actually looks showable.)
I'm outta here for a few hours to entertain the little one. I shall return.


  1. Hah, Carrie sounds like a blast.

    How badly did her make-up run in the humid heat?

  2. Powder Girl: lol..white eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. She's such a "looker"


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