Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weather Hot and Humid

I only thought I wanted to leave the house for a while yesterday. I left. I also returned quickly. It's so darn hot here that the quick trip to the grocery store and lunch at a new restaurant was enough for me.

We quickly returned home and spent the afternoon hiding out from the heat and humidity. I plan on doing more of the same thing today.

I didn't do any "house things" yesterday so today it's floors and laundry. It's indoor chores and that is fine with me. My main goal is to stay cool.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the hurricanes don't develop this year. I'm just not looking forward to a hurricane; the mess and the power outages. August and September is usually the months we can count on to produce a storm or two and we have arrived.


  1. I hate humidity, but I'd still love to visit Louisiana, it think its very different from my neck of the woods.

    Thats quite a quandary you're in between the plantar and the knee surgery, hope it all heals quickly!

    And I also hope the hurricanes take the year off : )

  2. I'm not from here originally and I do agree with you. It's different here lol. The culture is unique to this area. It's also a beautiful part of the U.S.


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