Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Primp and Paint

I'm done. I'm just so done! I know there are hotter places on earth this time of year and anywhere in Arizona would attest to this but I'm hot here anyway! I got into my air conditioned car and drove to the air conditioned store with my little sidekick Carrie. Just leaving the car to walk into the store had me wondering what the hell I thought I needed bad enough to venture forth in this weather. The thermometer said it was 95 degrees. I smacked it a couple of times to see if it would register higher. It didn't so it must be the humidity that is causing all this misery. It's even too hot to go swimming. The pools must be like being in a bowl of hot soup. All I have to say is August can't last forever. I know this is our worst month. This too will pass.

I left the store and put Carrie back in her car seat. She was squealing for me to turn on the air. I had the air on; I turned the vent so she could feel some of the cool air flow over her as it was going to take a while for all that hot air in the car to be cooled. I wanted to whine but I knew it was not going to help at all and it would just give Carrie an excuse to whine more.

Back home we settled in front of the TV and with her new makeup kit we had purchased on this trip, she busied herself painting her face. My face was her next project. I looked quite fancy with all that eyeshadow and lipstick that over ran the edges of my lips; I could have applied at any circus for a job.We don't go out of the house after these makeup sessions. We just hang around the house with our beautiful faces covered in paint. Carrie thinks we look gorgeous and I don't offer my opinion on how we look. She is happy and that makes me happy. Occasionally I will grab my camera and get a few shots of her in all her painted glory. I know she will enjoy looking at these pictures in a few short years.

She went home this evening to spend some time with her mother. I washed my face after she left and went to get a haircut and hurried back home to enjoy some quiet time. I had to promise Carrie she could come visit tomorrow and we might try going to the pool at Peg's house. She whimpered a little but she left with her mom.

I have some news programs to use to catch up on what has been happening in the world today and that is what I plan on doing the remainder of this day!

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  1. Ha ha, my son used to 'do" my hair when he was lttle, then he'd really want me to keep it like that.

    I figured why not go out and amuse the public, what the hell.

    Those were good times : )


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