Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bitch Fest #2

Here I am up at 6AM. Ted spent the night and sometimes as a treat, I'll take him to Burger King for his special breakfast of a Double Egg and Sausage sandwich. I've done this for years when he has spent the night. I then took him to a house a few blocks away so he could catch a ride with a friend to school. I remember not so long ago sitting at his bus stop in the dark in my car because he was such a little guy and I didn't want him standing beside the highway waiting on the bus and available to any pervert cruising the streets in search of little boys.

Carrie didn't spend the night and for that I'm grateful. I think everything on me hurts when I first stand up. My back isn't "out" but it is strained and it hurts now when I first stand up. I'm tellin ya, I'm fallin apart here. When it isn't depressing, it just pisses me off! I don't know which feeling is worse. The being depressed or the being pissed off. I could have said it makes me angry, but pissed off just expresses it better!

And while I'm in bitch mode, my printer either died on me or became unplugged. I'm going to have to pull out the CPU from the cave where it lives and turn into a contortionist to get behind it and check the printer cable. I really hope this printer hasn't died as I found a heck of a deal on printer ink and of course I ordered a ton of it and of course I didn't think that my ages old printer might die and I would be stuck with all this ink.
I print a lot of pictures for the albums I maintain for the kids so I use a lot of ink. I must get this printer to print until I can use all the ink I have here and that will prevent me from having a big crying jag at the waste of all that money on that ink.

I'm outta here to get another cup of coffee, get dressed and see how exciting my day will be (sarcasm). I did buy some new curtains yesterday but to hang them I'll have to remove the rod that is now up and replace it with a new rod. Am I up for that? Maybe. (Knowing I'm not really going to tackle that on my own today).

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  1. My youngest son is soon to be 12. I still watch like a hawk when he goes to the bus stop about 200 feet down the way.
    I'm a worrier : )

    I think its way better to be pissed of than depressed.
    But then I don't think I've ever actually been depressed.

    Either way, something I say with great frequency is,
    "I'd rather be mad than bored or down."


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