Monday, August 24, 2009

It's An Ugly Knee Monday!

I'm doing a clinical update today. It's been a while. I have almost full extension now. No pain in the knee at all but the heel is still sore and painful when I first stand up to walk. It doesn't hurt at all until I stand but after walking for about 5 minutes the pain in the heel area ceases. I'm going to work on flexion and hope that I can get more flexion then what I currently have which is about 110 degrees.
When I woke this morning and stepped outside I was pleasantly surprised at the cool temperatures. For us it was cool. Certainly not jeans and jacket weather but no stifling heat and humidity and there was hint of fall in the air. I know this won't last long and the heat and humidity will return but it was enjoyable if only for this day.
I have some house work stuff to get done today; the rest of the day is up for options.
My one goal today was to get a family physician. I've been in this town for 18yrs and still don't have a family doctor. The last one I contacted wasn't accepting new patients but this weekend I got a name from my neighbor of a doctor she likes and is hopefully taking new patients. I called and was able to get an appointment for hubby for tomorrow morning! How great is that? I took the appointment date for him because we never know when he will be called out on a job and not be able to make a doctor's appointment.
That's my story for today; nothing exciting but a record none the less of Aug. 23, 2009!

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