Thursday, August 6, 2009


Some things are just too funny; when I recall a story I'm told and I start giggling, I know that it was just too funny.
My sister likes to goof around. She and a friend met up with a brother in a little town not too far from her home. They took a spot behind him in the checkout line at Walmart and unbeknownst to the checker, they started harassing him. He was looking for his glasses, a pen, a checkbook and on and on while checking out. Sister started making comments loudly to the checker and no one in particular that there should be an extra line for old folks that slowed down everything. They shouldn't be allowed to hold up the check out process while they looked for their pen, glasses, checkbook, etc. Her friend started agreeing and soon they were telling everyone at large they were thinking about contacting the manager. My brother knowing how his little sister gets, was steadily ignoring her and her friend. The checker was trying to ignore them too. I'm sure she was embarrassed for my brother. She had no idea it was his sister harassing him. I'm sure keeping a straight face through this was a strain and hiding laughter must have been painful.
They almost get through the check out line when she remembers she wants to get some bananas. She darts back to the produce department where she sees an oriental man loading all the bananas onto a cart. She assumes he is moving them to another section of the store so she stops him and says "Oh. Wait! I want some of those." She proceeds to select the bananas she wants and races back to the checkout line.
While waiting, she hears her brother say "Did you see that oriental guy? He comes in here and buys up all that older produce for his restaurant he owns here."
Score one! Sister just realizes that the guy moving the bananas was not an employee of Walmart but a customer and she had just accosted him and took some of his bananas from him.
She was mortified and embarrassed and to this I say "What goes around, comes around" and when I think of what that oriental man must have been thinking about "rude Americans" I break down in laughter again.


  1. Y' know, I always have to mention the fact that I find Americans to be charming and very polite. I think its an undeserved rap manufactured by that damn book, "the ugly American" by 'whoever that was', because honestly, I'm mainly charmed by y'all.

    Your family sounds like a riot! I would hope my own sisters, if they blogged, would portray me as humorously : )

  2. the only thing wrong with taking his bananas was he was not only oriental but also the owner of the chinese restaurant.


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