Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Drug Overdose?

Surprise, surprise? I've been watching and listening to the latest news on MJ. Should that doctor be charged with manslaughter or just malpractice? MJ, in my opinion, lasted longer then I thought he would. I'm sure his family and friends and fans expected him to overdose sooner then he did.

I do realize the doctor gave him all these drugs but then why else would you have a doctor living in your home 24/7? AEG, I think is the production company that hired that doctor to be with him. I'll bet it was to ensure he didn't off himself before the concert dates had been satisfied. They knew MJ would be doing drugs; why not have a doctor on site to make sure he didn't OD. Unfortunately it didn't work. He didn't do his job. All those concert dates had to be cancelled. I'll bet they were pissed off at that doctor. I'm surprised they don't sue him for not keeping MJ alive long enough to do those concert dates. After that, would they have really cared?

Husband went for his doctor's appointment this morning and came home with a slew of tests ordered for this week. When the doctor asked him when the last time he visited a doctor and he told him 30 yrs ago, needless to say the doctor paused and looked at him. Husband shrugged his shoulders and said he had no reason to go.
The tests ordered are just for a baseline. An upper GI was ordered because of the acid reflux he has but that is the only problem he has with his health. Lucky him!

Carrie just arrived to spend the day and night; it's time to go do some child things.
Previcid was ordered and the price was staggering. 150.00 for a months' supply! YEOW!

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  1. get the generic;;;;works the same...lots cheaper.....might be one of the ninety day ones for fifteen dollars....


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