Friday, August 14, 2009


Yesterday I was kid free. I spent most of the day in Peg's pool and that was a kid free zone also. I wrapped one of those snake like foam thingies behind my head and held each end of it in each hand and leaned back into it and just floated around in the pool undisturbed for the day. Not one child had to go pee or get a drink or any damn thing else. The water was comfortable, bright blue and clear. Occasionally I would float to the deep end and let my body go perpendicular in the water and then stretch my leg to exercise it. All in all it was a nice relaxing day and I got out of the house for a while even though it's August and not my favorite month to spend any time outdoors.

Now after all that said about a kid free day, I still miss Carrie. I am going to take advantage of her being gone and do some shopping. She does well when I take her shopping but I don't spend much time actually in the stores as I know it's not a favorite thing of any child to be caged in a shopping cart while mom/grandmother browses the aisles.

That was my exciting day. Sometimes not having an exciting day is what is needed most don't you think?

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