Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canon, You've died and I miss You!

She was just a gem. What else can I say about her? When called upon she always delivered and in colors that were vivid and clear. She delivered multiples at the touch of a button and singles were just as easy a task for her to do quickly and again at the touch of that same button.

Speed? She was a demon. A few whirls and delivery was in her trays. I couldn't have asked for a better companion these past few years. Sadly she is gone. I had just added fresh ink to her and before even using 1/2 a tank she expired. It was quick and painless. One minute she was humming and the next minute she was dead. No lingering around and delivering shoddy work. If she couldn't produce perfection she must have felt it was time to bow out quickly.

Today after many attempts to revive her short of mouth to mouth resuscitation, I packed away her cables and pushed her to the side. I went to the big box store and browsed for a replacement for her.

A Epson multiple duty fax, printer and scanner was selected. I tried really hard to accept this replacement. I wanted to give it a chance to replace my beloved Canon but immediately we had a huge problem. It, um..sorry..the Epson wasn't compatible with the program I had always used to select and deliver the prints to my old Canon. I simply could not believe I couldn't use that program. I did some investigation. That program was part of my old Canon's system. Ah ha! I see the problem and I'm not happy. This is surmountable. I'll just check out the photo program that came with Mr. Epson. It may be a while before I can be comfortable enough with Mr. Epson so that I don't have to address him so formally.

Oh but, there is no photo program with Epson ole boy. You are instructed to use the Windows Photo program and alas it's a very shoddy one. It cannot select multiple pictures to be printed. It's one at a time selection is not going to be acceptable.
I'm trying my photo editors now. I tried Photoshop Elements but there was no help there. I'm almost through all my editing programs for pictures and none of them compare to Easy Photo Print by Canon. I just can't live this way. I'm packing Mr. Epson back into his box and taking him back to the big box store. We are never going to be compatible and I accept this.

Tomorrow I will go out again and look for another replacement. I'm eying the Canon 3600. It's a stand alone photo printer and a relative of the one I lost so recently. Maybe I need to keep this all in the same family. Stay tuned. I'll have more to report and I can only hope there will be no drama to report. I've had enough drama for one day.


  1. Ann, I remember my old Canon printer and computer. They were really good ones. I use an old HP that I have loved but it's getting old too. We are such creatures of habit and changing things like a trusty tool are really hard. Let us know what you get and how it works. I may need to borrow that info soon.

  2. Joan: although this new printer is slow to crank out a little ole 4 x6 print, the worst part is not being able to use the Easy Photo Printer program that came with my old Canon (may she R.I.P.)!!



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