Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eat at The Dragon

I think I picked the wrong movie for Carrie and I to watch at the theatre yesterday. I should say "film". It sounds so much more chic to use the word "film". Speaking of, doesn't it just irritate the hell out of you to hear someone who obviously enjoys projecting an elite persona when you know damn well where they came from? Affectations. I don't know whether to snicker or call them on it. I know people that you would swear they had been born and grown up and educated abroad. I'm seen them use the word "loo" when talking about the bathroom, pissed when talking about being drunk and the list goes on and on. How did they grow so European? Too many movies maybe?
Oh..and that's what I was talking about when I started this blog. A movie or a damn "film" if you prefer. So, saying with little finger crooked while drinking my cuppa tea, I selected the wrong film times two for Carrie and I yesterday. G-Force was touted as an animated film. How could I go wrong with this one? We got to the theatre and bought our tickets along with a small popcorn that cost over 3.00. I had stashed a can of cold Coke with a straw in my purse or I would have paid 3.25 for a damn SMALL coke! There oughta be a law against that kind of piracy but that's a whole nuther post for a whole nuther day.
Carrie and I slip into the theatre seats and we barely made it in time to not miss any of the FILM. (see me being pretentious?)

Anyway, it wasn't really what I would call an animated film. The mice and the other rodents weren't drawn in the sense that I think of animation. They weren't real either. The plot surrounded espionage which Carrie I'm sure wasn't interested in at all. There was no princess to rescue and no loud catchy tune to listen to so it didn't hold her interest at all. After a few minutes we slipped out of that theatre and walked to the one next door and sat through that one. She was a bit more interested in that one but I think we were both more excited about exiting the theatre then when we entered it with high expectations for the film (MOVIE) we thought we were going to see.
Our next stop? Do you think it would be Burger King or McDonalds for a cheeseburger or some chicken nuggets? Oh but NO. Carrie wanted to go to The Dragon place to eat. I had no clue where she meant. I didn't know of a dragon restaurant. I questioned her. She described where it was and when she had ate there. AHHHHHHHHH...The Royal Panda! I should have known. My little Cajun girl wanted shrimp. No burgers for her. She's born and raised in fresh seafood country. Crawfish, shrimp and catfish are some of her favorite foods which are plentiful and cheap here.

We had lunch at the dragon restaurant and came home for a nap. Personally this was my favorite time of the whole day!


  1. I really do like how you think : D

    Went for a mani-pedi with a good friend lately, she really is the best, but every once in while she does that whole pretentious thing.
    While we were having our toes soaked and scrubbed, she launched off into a near Bostonian accent and started talking like we were some kind of debutantes.

    I was embarrassed, and I don't get why you'd want to 'lord it' over the nice kid who was doing such a good job on your feet.

    I winked at the girl, she smiled.

    Anywhooo, just off to see a silent AND sub-titled ahht- film in the private theatah we've had constructed upon our new yahhht. So smashing to review the ahhts from the comfort of ones own floating cahhstle, don't you think?

  2. Powder Girl ROFL!!! I love it...your last two lines of this.
    ...and don't you know darlin, everyone knows a fool when they see or..hear one!


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