Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here Kitty, Kitty

Watching the kitty beneath the car sipping milk from the bowl.

She didn't just cry. She wailed. She wailed long and painful sounding. Was it because she was hungry? Hiding in the shrubbery she cried out pitifully. It didn't sound like a cry of pain unless it was pain from an empty belly. She pushed her head out from the bushes, peaked around and quickly drew back into hiding.
We retreated back to the end of the driveway to give her some space. I say "her" but the kitty could just as easily be a male.Gender isn't important right now.
Soon she stepped out of the bushes and crept toward the house crying all the while. A small frail golden/orange colored kitty disappeared beneath the car. She moved from her hiding place in the bushes to a hiding place beneath the car. No amount of coaxing would convince her to come out.
We slipped a pink bowl filled to the halfway mark with milk. Maybe the kitty would find the bowl if we slipped into the house to wait and give her the space to come and explore.
We put a two step stool in front of the door so Carrie could climb up and peek out the window. She watched for a while. Soon she would grow tired of the waiting and slip down off the step stool to only reclimb those two steps to watch again for a while.
After a while we went back outside to find the kitty. We could hear her still crying. The milk was left undisturbed. Nothing to do now but go back inside and wait again.
NatGeo was showing a documentary on Florence, Italy. We watched TV and occasionally listened for the sound of the kitty; Carrie was encouraged to climb her little ladder and peek out to check the contents of the milk bowl. No kitty yet. We will continue watching till bedtime. Tomorrow we will check the pink bowl and hope it will be found empty and the kitty's belly will be full for a while.
Carrie and her Poppy went back outside to coax the kitty and the pictures above showed their success! The kitty is beneath the car drinking her milk and now she has a plate with some roast beef on it just in case the milk wasn't enough food for her.
Carrie is having the best time sitting and watching the kitty. She started saying she wished we could keep it and to this we told her if it came to the door and knocked she could keep the kitty.
We assume that will keep us safe. Surely that kitty can't knock!


  1. I'm glad your patience paid off! it's so hard to know there's an animal out there that needs some help but is too afraid to let you help. Always breaks my heart.

    And yeah, the beef is way better for a cats stomach than milk, though they sure do seem to love the dairy.

  2. knock knock,,whose there...
    kitty,,kitty who.....i sure hope that kitty doesnt learn how to knock....


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