Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carrie Returns and The Pain Continues

Carrie spent the night with her dad. As soon as she returns to my house we have a nice warm bubble bath and shampoo her hair. Her dad doesn't do the bathing or shampooing when she stays with him. She is past due when she gets back to me so that's our first order of business. Freshened up and dressed, she spent the remainder of the afternoon with her Poppy. They caught a ladybug and she has been entertaining herself with it. Right now it's in a jar with a lid. She is adamant about filling the jar with water so the ladybug has something to drink. We tried to explain to her the concept of drowning the ladybug with too much water. I don't think she gets it. We may find the ladybug adapting the toilet bowl for her own private swimming pool.

I've waited all day on the rain that was promised. In lieu of it raining, I watered the flowers this morning. Usually if I give them a good drenching the rains will follow. That's just how it works around here. Much like when you wash your car, get it all spotless only to have storm clouds swoop in to ruin all the cleaning effort expended.

The yellow flowers in the front flower beds had to be pulled up and bagged up for collection. They were starting to have that deadened leaves, droopy syndrome that usually signals the end of August and right on time that's what they did. I count this as a good sign; another signal that fall will be here soon. The end of another summer and another hurricane season (knock on wood). No hurricanes. How lucky are we? I'm not going to gloat too much right now. There is still a possibility that we will still get one.
The fascia tendinitis is still flaring. I talked with my aunt who had the same thing. She is cured. Rehab did it for her. She had to do the stretches in rehab and she says there is no pain now.
Guess what? I started the stretches tonight. I'm using a two step stool and standing on one of the steps and dropping my heel down as far as it will go. I can feel the stretch. It seems that for the past year a stretch of something has been prescribed to fix everything that is wrong with me. I'll do this for the next two weeks and for a couple of times a day. An update will be forth coming on the results.
I'm outta here to get Carrie into her pj's and ready for bed.


  1. Aw, Carrie is such a pretty little girl, and I see she has used a subtle hand with her bedtime cosmetics! LOL.

    Sorry about the heel, I'm familiar with plantar fascitis, no fun at all! Hope the stretches help.

  2. yep..those cosmetics are how I entice her to the tub. "we must bath before we put our makeup on" I tell her. Voila..bath time!
    and ...exercising and hoping it cures the plantar thingie!


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