Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Being Followed!

When nap time arrives for Carrie, she is not sent to the bedroom for a nap rather she is escorted into bed along with the nap sender which in this case would be me. We both have to climb into bed and turn off the lights and snuggle down for a nap. Usually she drifts off quickly but only after she views one cartoon. That's our deal. She gets to watch one cartoon show on the TV then it's lights out and it's time for that nap.

I wait until I hear her even breathing and I slide out of bed for a 2 hr. break from Carrie while she naps. Carrie has figured out my routine. She knows I'm going to sneak off after she falls asleep so she has her own means of monitoring me. She splays her legs over my body or drapes an arm across me. She thinks this will alert her to my sneakiness.
We play this game each afternoon nap time and at bedtime. Usually I can slip away without arousing her. Unfortunately that only lasts for 10 minutes and then I find she has trailed me to the living room sofa half asleep and rubbing her eyes while admonishing me for leaving her. Back to bed we go and we repeat this process a few more times unless I just give up and stay in bed and try to go back to sleep. Last night was no exception to this game. We did this at least 3 times. I finally gathered her up on the last trip to the living room and we went to bed and stayed there.

I don't know how this "sleeping with Carrie" got started but I suspect her mother made it a point of laying down with her for her naps as daughter never passes up an opportunity to stay in bed. She doesn't sneak out for some down time; she stays and enjoys a nap along with her daughter. I've inherited this process when Carrie spends the day and night.

I have to say at this time, I do enjoy watching her sleep. That only lasts for a few minutes then I'm ready to sneak away.

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