Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Only Rock and Roll

I went to Peg's and just hung out. By the time I worked on her computer, then went to visit a cousin of hers that had a TKR a few months after I had mine there was no pool time available unless I wanted to stay till after 3PM which I didn't. I got home and showered, something I could do 3 times a day in this heat, and crashed on the sofa for some news updates.

Missing children, mother driving wrong way on interstate and Michael Jackson's unburied body along with health care debates and that about sums up the news. Later I watched part of the Woodstock 40 documentary. I always look for my friend Therese when the cameras scan the crowds. She was there and I'm sure she was a lot loaded and had a blast! I wasn't there but I sure remember rocking out to a lot of the musicians that played that concert. Ah, the good ole days of rock and roll before the musicians decided they had to gain attention by light shows and costumes.

I shall be back later today. Right now before the temps spike, I want to get outdoors.


  1. " I heard the news today... oh boy "

    Yeah, its pretty bleak to read the news. Makes you really wonder about the state of humanity.

    We're down to 11 degrees c. It's actually sweater weather!

    And I'm kinda liking it!

  2. Powder Gril: Don't make me hate you. I envy your weather. Give me winter, fall or spring anytime!


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