Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer and Beach Fun

Another hot one here. Hot and dry. We heard some thunder rumbling late in the afternoon and a few drops of rain fell but not even enough to wet the driveway. I'm surprised we haven't had any tropical storms in the Atlantic. August and September are the two months that our lives here in the Gulf prepare for the havoc of a hurricane. Every year I dread them more and more. We haven't had any real damage from them but we always have a huge mess to clean up after they pass.

Maybe this will be a quiet year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I have been watching the Shark Attack documentaries and I shutter to think that the area of Florida we were just in is where the shark attacks were reported in years past. Maybe it was a good thing the boys didn't want to spend all their time in the ocean. One year not to long ago a family in Gonzales went to Destin, Florida with their daughter and a friend of the daughter. The friend didn't come back alive. A shark attacked her and she bled to death. I think about this when I go to the beach and I worry if I take my grandchildren with me. I would prefer to have their mother with me so she can make the decisions on letting them in the surf. I'm perfectly happy to hang out at the pool where I can see everything in the water and where the staff clean it every day.
I'm posting this late..very late but I'm going to post anyway. The date shown will be the date I orginally started this post and just left it hanging in draft limbo.
Enough..I'm done with it.

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