Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Else to do On a Cold Rainy Day?

Especially if you're only 5 yrs old! You sneak into the makeup bag while you're on a bathroom break. You pile on the pancake makeup and the blue eyeshadow before you sashay into the living room to show off your pretty face.
And here she is:

If you look closely you can even see the red lipstick on her teeth. Enlarge the picture for the full effect of all that pancake makeup. Carrie thinks if a little will "do" then imagine what a "LOT" will do and she prefers the "LOT". It's just a down right shame it's almost bath time don't ya think?

If for some reason we had to rush out of this house in an emergency situation, I want to warn you, we won't be leaving until I have a wet wash clothe in my hand.

I got the "treatment" after Carrie was finished with her face and now I'm just as "naturally" made up as she.

I'm going to brush my teeth. I can hardly tolerate the redness there. I think I can actually FEEL the thickness of the pancake makeup on my face and I want to get beneath a hot shower melt it off me.
I'm headed for the shower while she eats her Ramen noodles and her cartoons.  Her turn is next!

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