Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

If you look closely, you can see the tooth that is loose and pushed forward by her upper teeth.

The moment has finally arrived. The Tooth Fairy Book that I purchased for Carrie when she was only a year old has been kept in the bookcase and yesterday we bought it out and read it again. Carrie has a loose tooth so we thought it might be time to read about the Tooth Fairy.

Out came the dark blue book decorated with little fairies dancing around in their gossamer dresses, their little wings fluttering as some of them flew through the background on the book.

The front cover has a little plastic shelf with a plastic cover that can be removed and replaced. In that little shelf is a small royal purple velvet bag with a gold drawstring. The fairy says it is much easier for her to find the little tooth beneath the pillow if it's put into that pouch. I'm suspecting more then one parent may have been busted when the child found the money AND the tooth beneath the pillow the next morning. Finding a small baby tooth can be near impossible.

Carrie's tooth came out this morning and I received a phone call with her excited voice telling me about it. It's the thought of the Tooth Fairy that excites Carrie. Finally the Tooth Fairy will be visiting and taking her tooth, leaving some money and kissing her on the head before she leaves. I've been reminded of this all day.

The upside of this? I may be able to convince Carrie to get into bed early and go to sleep.

The daughter and the grandson are going to a midnight movie so Carrie gets to spend fairy night with me. I'll try to make sure the fairy does her job correctly tonight. It's a big responsibility for me and means a lot to Carrie.
I'm done.

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  1. How lovely to have bought that book for Carrie. I am wondering about getting a copy myself for when Billy loses his first tooth...although I've plenty of time yet. Can you give me the title/author etc?


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