Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Teddy are 18! How can that be? I roll back over the pictures of you and it seems as though it were just yesterday that you were trying to get your balance so you could take more then 3 steps before plopping down on your diaper cushioned bottom. I watched as you removed all the coasters from their holder and turned it upside down on the coffee table. Then you climbed up on that table and sat on that coaster holder because in your child's vision you could see it as a wee t tiny chair.

I watched as you progressed to walking and then to putting on a pair of inline skates and rolling down the sidewalk. Soon it was skateboards and bikes and now you drive your own truck which required you get a driver's liscense. All of these milestones I've been priviledged to see you accomplish and move on to the next goal.

Your voice has deepened, and your face now requires an ocasional swipe with the razor. Your shoe size is 13 and you tower over me when you stand close.

It matters not! You are still my little boy; the one that would hang behind my knee when you became frightened of strangers. I miss those days. The older you have grown, the less you have needed me or will need me. I'm proud of your growth and at the same time saddened by it.

I love you Teddy...or...maybe it's just Ted now.


  1. Happy Birthday, Ted, and Charlotte it will probably always be Teddy to you or at least part of the time.


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