Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Visiting with My Poppy!

By the time 1700 hrs rolled around, I was exhausted. I spent the day cleaning. Didn't I just do that recently? I'm beginning to believe it's a never ending job, this cleaning stuff. I was just pullin your leg on that last comment. I've been doing this cleaning gig long enough to have realized years ago that it was a never ending job.

Between keeping up with the outside and the inside, I have kept way too busy. I slipped between the sheets about 1400 hrs and took an hour down time. A little nap and then into the shower and out of the house and to the ball park to watch our little Minnie Mantle.

Her Poppy showed up and she ran over to sit close to him. Holding a handful of sunflower seeds, they shared them as the team hit the field for practice. The coach walked over to Carrie and said "Let's go practice Carrie!" and to this Carrie replies "Can't you see? I'm talkin to my Poppy right now."  I didn't find out about this conversation till after the game. What I did witness is when I walked up a minute later and while the coach is again encouraging Carrie to join her team and Carrie replies "I'm eating sunflower seeds right now."

Intervention time. "Carrie, put down those seeds and get on the field!" I didn't have to say this with any anger or even very sternly. She immediately handed over her seeds to her Poppy and ran onto the field.

I'm thankful for Carrie's mother. For all the lieniecy given to her by her devoted Poppy, Carrie's mom keeps her on an even keel. She rights the wrongs. She administers reality checks. We are grateful  to her for keeping us from ruining sweet Carrie. 

We still have periods of inattention and she always looks to us for instructions on doing that run from base to base. I think her favorite part of the game is at the end when they all line up to give the other team a "high five" and "good game" salute.

Her dad showed up to watch her play and she left with him as soon as the game was over. I'm gonna miss that little girl. I always miss her when she is out of reach or out of touch.

Today the hubby left. He is on his way to Texas and the first thing I did while he was in the shower before he left was spray off the roadster and wipe it dry. I pulled it off the carport and into the sunshine to let the rag top get dry. I'll be using it again in the next few days. It doesn't get much use when the hubby is home. We run around in his truck so the little car stays parked. It's 90 degrees here and the daughter and I have been out shopping. I'm now happy to be back in the air conditioned silence of my house.

I'll head for daughter's house in a few hours to grill some steaks. I'm the guest. That's the best thing to be. Right now I'm due my nap!

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