Friday, May 6, 2011


We weren't in a big hurry this morning to get out of Lafayette so we took out time and finished up a few chores, turned off the a/c and loaded the small overnight luggage and moved out. 82 degree sunny weather surrounded our drive and we made it into and out of Baton Rouge with a few slow downs for the always heavy traffic that plagues that city.

We stopped in Gonzales and went to the big Outlet Mall and to one store specifically. The Nike Outlet store coughed up a nice pair of walking shoes which I have on my feet as I type this.

We exited off I-10 at the Super Dome exit and traveled beneath the over head walkways from the hotel to the dome that connects. Onto Loyola St. we moved to Mother's for lunch. A "Ferdi" which is a ham and debri with cabbage on a Po'Boy bun and some french fries we shared. The sandwich is much to big for one person to eat alone.

We are now burrowed in to our room on Duphine at the Chateau LeMoyne. The room is spacious, especially for a room in the 'Quarters and there are double doors leading to a balcony that have iron chairs and tables and  from here I can see people on Sedgeways rolling down the alley and exploring the city.

I'm on my way down the hall to fill the ice bucket and scarf up some cold drinks.
I'll be back on the street tonight with my camera.

I'm done!

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