Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cold, Wet and May

Just yesterday I was outside all day  wearing a pair of shorts and a grungy t shirt. The t shirt wasn't grungy when I started the day but that's how it ended up after I spent some time pulling weeds and turning soil. I planted some flowers in the flower beds.

Planting is not my favorite thing to do. Oh, I love flowers but I prefer someone else actually doing the work of getting the beds ready and then do the planting. It was hot, I was sweaty and I hate sweating. Many times I had to use some self restraint in order not to just chuck all the plants and head for the a/c of the house. Had I not had to pay for those plants, I might have done just that.

I weighted the amount of money I would be allowing to wilt and die and decided that would be a foolish waste of coin so I knelt down on my left knee, the one that isn't made of metal and I planted.

Stepping back and looking at the shocked plants that drooped close to the ground like sad faces, I hoped by tomorrow they would look better.  In a few days the roots will seek out some sort of establishment and will begin to nourish the plant and they will perk up and hopefully thrive. If not, then my black thumb will have struck again.

This morning I slept in. It took a lot of effort to stay in bed but I managed to doze on and off until 0830. The ringing phone nudged me out of my light sleep. The husband was phoning from his location in Texas. "Have you been outside yet?" he asked.
"What's up?' I questioned. "It's 49 degrees here." he said.
Dragging myself into a house robe, I headed for the front door and opened it to a wind that lifted the hem of the robe I wore and the rain that fell lightly but steadily. Great! A cold rainy day here and there went any plans of finishing the planting I had started yesterday.

A couple of slices of toast later and after clearing the sink of the few coffee cups that needed washing and storing in the cupboard, I went to find something warm to wear.

My afternoon is filled with Carrie. I drove to her house and picked her up and stopped for lunch before coming home. Right now she is playing a game on my iPod while I finish this posting. It's still cold and it's still raining and I want to climb back into my warm bed and doze the afternoon away. Maybe I can convince Carrie to doze with me? I'm going to give it a try. Wish me luck! 


  1. I took full advantage of you having Cheesecake .... I had a wonderful nap...LOL Thanks

  2. I know who you are Anony!..and I missed my nap. I'm so happy you enjoyed your nice little sleep. MY TURN NOW!


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