Thursday, May 5, 2011

Plants and Planting

"Look Nana! It's peeing" and at this statement I straightened up from where I was bending over the flower bed digging out a stubborn weed and looked at Carrie.
She was standing by the carton of flowers and she had one she was holding at her eye level watching while water dripped from the bottom of the carton holding the flower.
"No, Carrie, flowers don't pee." I said to her. "Yes they do!" she says. "See Nana, look!" and I suddenly realized there was no point in explaining that I had watered these flowers heavily after buying them. Speaking to her Poppy later, he laughed and said they had discussed this flower stuff earlier when they had been working in the garden. I let it slide. If puppies and kitties pee, I can understand how she would think plants did too.

Today we are back to planting. I hurried out this morning to pull weeds from the mailbox garden. It has been sadly neglected and the snap dragons have lost their "snap". I'm not ready to pull them out and discard but I did thin out and remove the dried dead ones.

Carrie arrived around noon and we immediately left for Home Depot to buy a few more plants. Carrie stated immediately that she wanted some Marigolds.
"Carrie, do you know what a Marigold is?" and of course she had to describe it. "It's yellow and fuzzy, Nana. Of course I know what it looks like."  she says.

How she knew this, I don't know but when we got to the garden center, she immediately spied them and put a few in the cart. I had to stop her from filling the cart with everything at eye level. "Look in my purse Carrie. See? I don't have a lot of money so we'll have t put some of these plants back."  I have a plan. The plan is to go back another time without Carrie and buy what I want to plant. For now, the six plants she selected with no rhyme or reason will be planted where she wants them. I'll sneak out in the middle of the night and move them to an area where they should be.
A Ball game tonight and we have to go toss a few balls so I'm out of here for a while!


  1. I am amazed at how much time you get to spend with Carrie. She is such a lucky girl to have you for her Grandma. A child can never have too much love from all sides.

  2. Oh Joan..I so agree. She has gr grandparents, grandparents both step/grparents and she has uncles and aunts that love and shower her with attention yet she remains a nice pleasant child but I think that's because her Mama keeps our little diva grounded. Mama sets the rules..we break them of course but Mama is there to remind Carrie that is isn't a real diva! lol


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