Monday, May 9, 2011

Sonny Landreth and Tab Benoit and Rock N Bowl

The two guys got together last night for the first time and jammed. Sonny and The Goners took the stage at the Rock N Bowl and have I mentioned, the Rock N Bowl is in their new building and it's much nicer then the old one.

We spent Sunday afternoon on  a much needed nap and refreshed and recharged, we were off again. A late late lunch at Poppy's Sports Bar on the levee, we listened to a musician singing the blues. The best thing about New Orleans is the music. There is talent playing everywhere. I listen to these muscians and wonder if they have hopes of topping the charts some where in their careers. These are not shabby players but talented muscians.

 The Mississippi River was just steps from our table where we watched tankers moving up and down the river along with tugs moving barges and the big Riverboat blasting it's song when it left the docks. The hubby had a 1/2 of a  muffaletta and I had a bbq beef sandwich. Both were big and too much to eat. After lunch I headed for the Riverwalk shops and the hubby headed for Harrah's. He was 150.00 richer when he left and I was 20.00 poorer. Typical.

Our plans for the evening? More music. We made our way to the Rock N Bowl, famous for their stage combined with a bowling alley. It has been a while since we visited this place. By the time we got there most of the tables and chairs had been taken so we eased over to the lanes and picked one that was empty and used the bench there. Soon a man showed up and sat down to put on his bowling shoes. He had rented two lanes and was only going to use one at the moment and offered us the other free of charge. I haven't bowled in thirty years. Yeah, I walked over and got shoes for me and the husband and we bowled.

The first frames were gutter balls. I didn't digitally record this of course but the pace picked up with some practice and so did our scores. Hubby bailed on me after a while so I practiced my swing which sorely needs it. By the end of this bowling experience, the guitarist for Zero had finished his set and Sonny was taking the stage.

Sonny, Dave and their new drummer drew every body's attention. Watching Sonny play the slide guitar is an experience. I bought one of the T shirts.

Sonny is a hometown boy...Lafayette, La. and Tab Benoit is from Houma, La. After an hour, Tab took the stage with Sonny and both groups and guitarists rocked out. Tab had played the jazz festival Saturday  and at Tipetinas Saturday night and now with Sonny on Sunday at the Rock N Bowl. They pick up venues all over town in addition to their playing at the jazz festival. They must be exhausted. We were and we were just watching.
Sonny will be on tour most of the summer across the USA and abroad. He has a strong following.

I met people that had come from Michigan and Minnesota to attend the jazz fest and were here at the Rock N Bowl to listen again to Sonny. A couple there had a Crossroads T shirt on from the Crossroads Guitar Fest held in Chicago last year. Some FYI, Crossroads Guitar Fest is Eric Clapton's venue. Crossroads 2010/Landreth and Clapton.

Twenty dollars a head to spend a night at the Rock N Bowl...the best deal in town.
It's a steamy morning poolside..but NOT this bad as it appears in this pic. I think my camera was fogging up.

This morning it's Cafe Du Monde and beignets and cafe au lait.  

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