Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Morning Walk

We headed out early to beat the heat. Our walk took us to have breakfast at Musician's park. Andouille, potatoes and eggs for breakfast and then we were off and walking around the Quarters.

 Hats..and I thought of Becky and her fancy hats!

 Arrested on a SundayMorning? This man is handcuffed and apparently waiting to be picked up by the paddy wagon.
 and a couple getting married in St. Louis Park in front of the big cathedral. This was the complete wedding party. She was in a white cotton dress with white flip flops on her feet and he was wearng a shirt with a fler di les on the back of it. Very casual on a beautiful sunny morning. People passing by applauded after their vows.
 and on to the French Market

 and walking back to the hotel .....scenery along the way.

and back to the hotel and the a/c. I'm sure now that this will be my last trip back to this city until the fall temperatures arrive. New Orleans is now too hot to be walking the concrete.
We are off to collect the car and head for the Riverwalk for lunch and some time at the cool Harrah's.

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