Monday, May 2, 2011

Ball Game, Carrie Has It!!

A total of three little people dressed in their black t-shirts and white shorts appeared on the ball field. The coach looked around and finally shrugged her shoulders and did the only thing left to do. She waited.

Within minutes of the game starting, three more little ones came running from the parking lot and into the dugout.

Carrie was on the sidelines practicing pitching the ball with one of the coaches and then segued into some batting practice. Paw Jerry and Maw Kathy showed up and walked around the field to say hi to her. She dropped the ball and went hurtling into their arms. They had bought her cousin with them and Carrie was excited at the reunion.

She has it. She understands what is going on and her attention is on the game. She stands at home plate and swings at the ball, the bat connects and she is off for first base. In the field she chases the ball when it rolls near her and she gets to it, she quickly sends it to first base. I watch her as she bends her knees and rocks from foot to foot waiting in this dance for which side of her the ball will arrive.

Her pink flushed face has sweat beaded beneath her eyes and across the bridge of her nose. Her long hair has escaped from the ponytail that was neatly holding her hair at the start of the game. A veil of hair blocks her vision; she moves her hands to her face moves the hair back from her face. At the first break in the game, her mother rushes over and pulls the hair tie from her hair and rearranges it back into a neat ponytail. I'm not worried about Carrie now. She is enjoying herself and no longer sports that lost look on her face while on the ball field. She looks as though she is enjoying herself.
Carrie's cheering squad. Her grandparents came from Lydia to watch her play this afternoon and brought alone Faith!

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