Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Day/Sore Day/New Orleans on a Sunday Morning

Eyes open, I laid in the dark room and tried to determine just what time it might be. I could hear cars rushing around on the street two floors below, a car horn blares, someones' alarm has been triggered. Soon it stops and I can hear more street sounds so I slip out of bed and to the bathroom with my laptop.

Ah! 0430? It's gonna be a long day for me. I'm wearing a cropped pullover, cream colored  and a pair of pajama capris. Will anyone notice if I slip down to the lobby dressed in my pajamas? Ask me if I care. It's early and I haven't had my first cup of coffee. I headed for the lobby and surprisingly it was a hub of activity. People were boarding the shuttle to the airport, some were heading to the elevator and the staff was hangin out surfin on their laptops. I grabbed a chair and flipped open my access to the world wide web.

Now about last night. I'm going to let a few pictures do the talking right here and right now. The picture below is of a condo for sale. $141,000.00. I have the number of the realty company. We have talked about living in New Orleans for a year. Good music, good food and a great experience.

And one of the alleys, dining alfresco.
 Jackson Square again
 I don't even want to speculate on this one! I could have described him instead of posting this picture but you know what they say about a picture and a thousand words!

 And this entrepreneur ...well...he offers rides on his unique sight seeing vehicle.

On the walk back through the Quarters, a crowd was gathered around these musicians. The young lady on the violin could make it talk.  Dollar bills were tossed in the basket at their feet. Soon a vocalist was added and more people gathered. We dropped down on the curb and sat for a while to listen.

Another sight that I'll pass on describing!


Bourbon at night

Mr. Bentley

And that was our night in the Quarters. Much to see. A brass band made it's way down the street followed by the members of a wedding party, strangely clothed people out for the night, tattooed and pierced and strolling Bourbon. Typical night in New Orleans.

It is now 0700 and the husband has joined me for coffee poolside. Plans are being hatched for today. Returning to the festival is not an option. I've had more then enough heat and sun for this trip. Riverwalk and Harrah's later today but for now, it's a walk to a breakfast place just down the street.
Pool side:

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