Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ball Field and Another Game

I warmed the players up pitching balls for them. The coach showed up so I didn't have to be the pitcher. Big sigh here from me but I did have to be the dug out mom again. This time was better then my first attempt at this. For one thing, I knew what was going on and I had a plan and firmly guided the little ones to what I needed of them.
"Get a drink and put your helmets on and get your bats." I said to them as I glanced over the paper I was holding that listed their names and the order in which they would go to the batters mound.
Everyone was required to line up on the bench in order. This was not their first time with me so it went much better especially since I knew their names this time. "Megan?" "Hey, you leaving?" I said to the back of the head of the little girl as she shot out of the dug out and sprinted across the field. Ah, a bathroom break. I shuffled the players around and moved Megan farther back down the line until she returned. I've found you have to be flexible when dealing with these short little folks.
It was 89 degrees here so I made sure the little ones had their fluids. Bright red faces and hair that once was neat and tidy when they arrived on the field was now falling out of ties and tangled. Dirty knees and dusty derrieres stained the white shorts and pants they wore.
We've determined that this might not be Chloe's game. The little girl played "dodge em" with her shadow for the first few innings. Playing the outfield, she ran in circles around one of the fathers' that was monitoring first base. When he tried to redirect her, she would dance out of his reach and giggle while she kept running.
When she was up to bat, she stood and watched the ball as it sailed over home plate, the bat glued to her shoulder. No amount of practice has helped. By now most of the other children are savvy to what is going on. Chole is blissfully ignorant and having the best time of anyone there. She isn't even close to playing ball much to her mother's chagrin. At the end of the game, her mother came over and thanked us for the extra attention we had showered on her hoping she would click to what was needed. It was all in vain. Chole had her own idea and stuck to them.
Carrie plays the game and can actually hit the ball and send it to the outfield. She still gets a little spacey standing on the bases waiting and forgetting to run. I think she is always relieved when it's over.
We are going to talk with the theatre people and check out the requirements for entering that group. I think the stage would be a natural place for Carrie and her personality. She would thrive on the lights,music and movement.
I'm outta here to get a shower and wash some of the ball park dust off of me.
...and then I'm going to bed!

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