Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Eye on the Ball Carrie!
We have been extremely fortunate on this ball game stuff. There seems to always be a nice breeze blowing and the heat has been blown away.

Carrie's rooting section sit to the left side of the dugout, their colorful canvas chairs lined up creating their own "bleachers". Cold bottled water held in hands that glisten from the sweating  bottles, no one minds those drops of moisture sprinkled on their legs.

Carrie practices pitching with her team mate while other ball game activities are carried on around her. Some are practicing hitting the ball and you can hear the ping of the ball as it connects with the bat. Occasionally a ball rolls by my chair and a child arrives close behind to recover it.
The three innings went fast. Carrie was the last one to bat so nobody had to remind her to run more then the one time at the start. The last batter runs all the bases. Most of the time she paid attention to the game with only an occasional reminder needed. She did dance and prance and a couple of times she even twirled around while in the outfield. She's five. We let it slide a little.

I'm not inside much lately. I'm taking full advantage of this cool weather that is so uncommon for us. Record lows have been reached for us. How wonderful is that?

We're off to do some shopping. The husband leaves on a job tomorrow and his ice chest has sprung a leak and needs to be replaced.

Since we are going to the huge sports store, Academy, I'll browse the sale items and probably leave with nothing. I need nothing and for that I'm grateful!


  1. I love the picture with the black cap I think she is in full concertation mode in that one.

  2. yeah John..full concentration goes quickly that mode!


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