Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pardon me, It's Louie (I think)

You have to try a few of them on before settling for that perfect one. The boxer pup has been trying on a few names since he found his new home. For a while he was Earl, then Sal, and Benny and even Steve was in the running.

Louie. I've heard that is the name that they introduced him to Carrie with so I'm assuming that is now his moniker. Louie was an uncle of mine that lived in Providence, R.I. and the daughter can still  remember him from the time we lived there. She loved her Uncle Louie.

Our pets are always named a human type name. There is no Rovers, or Spots or Busters. There has been Gilbert named after a nephew, Claudia named after a friend in Wyoming and Leonard named after another friend.

I used to clear it with the person I named my dogs after so as not to offend. Usually the name borrowed was looked upon as an honor and I never had an objection.

Gus was two years old when the daughter acquired him so his name was left intact. Carrie is already planning on the gifts she wants to get Louie for Christmas.

Carrie made it home this afternoon and soon was on the phone asking if she could come to my house. She is now settled into my bed watching her television show after getting a quick shower. She will be spending the night although I have instructions to bring her home as soon as she wakes tomorrow.

I'm ready to eat an Ambien and call it a night.
...........continued days later
Again with the game last evening.

 We were back at the ball field again. I got the little ones to line up with their coach for a group photo. I spent my time in the outfield reminding everyone to watch the ball. Looking to my right, Emma was bent from the waist..her head on her knees while Carrie at second base was doing a dance step and Maddie was making like a windmill with her arms swinging around her body. "Eye on the ball Carrie..Maddie..Emma!" It takes a little reminding of where they are and this is repeated sporadically throughout the game.

Will plays as though he is on a big team. He scoops up the ball at his base, tags the player then hurls the ball to first base. Will has a few older brothers, a sand lot in his back yard and a father that coaches him. It's amazing to watch him and realize he is only 5 yrs. old.

I don't think Carrie will ever be truly in to this baseball thing and the same for Maddie. Maddie is the fastest runner on the field though she also finds the game boring. Track might be a better sport for her.

Each one will find their little niche. Who knows? By next season they all might be little Mickey and Minnie Mantles.

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  1. If memory serves, which it well may, I don't believe any of my canine friends chose a people name. The closest was a mix breed that called himself "Buddy." Had a psychotic doberman that went by Cheyenne, but she was certified crazy. When she died the other dogs had one helluva party.



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