Saturday, May 14, 2011

Water, None and Too Much

Carrie spent the night. I know that's nothing unusual unless you have to sleep with her. I handed her the laptop when she crawled into bed and she played her games on it while I watched The Late Show. It was a trade off and it was late so she didn't make it until the end of the show. I folded up the laptop and returned it to the end table in the living room and crawled back into bed.

Around 0300 I crawled back out of bed after being pummeled and kicked and generally abused by my bed partner. I sneaked off to the sofa, flipped on the TV and fell asleep. I was just settled into that sleep when I was again being abused. Carrie was standing in front of me and in an accusatory tone, complaining that I had sneaked away. This being the truth and me not being in the mood to discuss it, I not nicely told her to hush and get on the sofa with me. My head to her feet, we settled back down to get a few more hours of sleep. Tonight Carrie goes home and I get  to get a full night's rest. Right now she is out in the garden helping her Poppy and I'm hiding out in the house.

I had plans on getting some things done today but all I want to do is sleep. Thanks Carrie.

..........and a few hours later:
"Carrie, get your suit on and we'll go to the festival and then to the fountain." I said to her as she entered the house. She hurried off to the bedroom to get her suit on and I gathered up bottles of water and sun block lotion, sandals and hats.

The festival was small and well hidden. We drove up and down St. Mary's Avenue eventually finding the place by all the extra cars parked on the street. It was a small gathering with local zydeco bands so we packed up and headed for the next place we had promised Carrie. The fountain.

The fountain is mid town and Carrie loves going there. She had been waiting for weeks and of course she was excited. We drove around the block and the fountain jetting water should have been visible. The fountain wasn't on and Carrie was in tears. To appease her, I called her mother and arranged for pool time at her house immediately. Tears dried, we drove to her house and watched as she walked to her door and entered before driving away.

We may try the fountain again tomorrow but I'll drive there and make sure it's spraying before we take her back.

I enjoyed a long nap this afternoon. Enchiladas, beans and salad kept me busy the rest of the afternoon. I love Tex Mex food but I hate all the chopping, shredding and frying that it entails. I cleaned up the greasy kitchen and I'm shut down for the evening. I plan on an early to bed evening, a little in bed TV and a long undisturbed sleep.

One eye on the weather channel, we watch as the Morganza spillway spews forth what will eventually submerge an area that is within 30 miles  of us here in southwest Louisiana. It's been a rough time here in the past 5 yrs. and it looks as though another test is imminent.  Hurricanes, tornadoes, oil spills and now flood waters and we wait and watch again.

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